Demon Invasion

The Demon Invasion of 922 BA was a major demon invasion centered on Ragnanival, but some say that the invasion spilled over into Vel’Elarathel as well. An estimated 30,000 demons spilled out of a massive interdimensional portal in southeastern Ragnanival on 17 Rivros.

Ragnanival Unites

The dwarves of Ragnanival were taken completely by surprise, as the demons attacked during one of the monthly beer festivals. At least 3,000 dwarves died on 17 Rivros alone. The demon force completely demolished one dwarven city-state before others were able to prepare their defenses. At this time, Ragnanival was not united, and every city-state was out for themselves. The demons would attack one city-state at a time, bringing their entire army to bear on a single fortress. The demons were able to completely destroy seven city-states, killing approximately 32,000 dwarves, by 5 Anagantios.

It was then that the cloud giant Woddin Danazk, who had resided in Ragnanival for centuries, left his cave-palace, donned his mighty gauntlets, and flew to the nearest dwarven city-state, Tezzerek, and spoke with its ruler, Baron Borrok Bladebeard. Woddin demanded that Baron Bladebeard use his royal wizards to contact the other city-states and immediately summon a council of all the dwarven nobles to decide on how to best combat the demon threat. The dwarven nobles met on 3 Anagantios in Woddin’s great cave-palace. Woddin scolded them for thinking that any of them could possibly stand alone against the demons, and demanded that they put aside their pride and unite as one; he knew that, if they all combined their armies together, they would greatly outnumber the demons. The dwarves agreed to this, but then began bickering among themselves as to who would lead this army. Woddin boomed, in his great voice, that he would lead the dwarves to victory, that he would personally fight on the frontlines. None of the dwarven nobles could possibly compete with such a show of strength and charisma, and agreed to put Woddin in charge of the combined dwarven armies.

By 10 Anagantios, every dwarven city-state was evacuated to the massive cavern surrounding Woddin’s cave-palace. At the mouth of the cavern waited a force of over 60,000 dwarves, and standing in the front was Woddin, standing almost twenty feet tall, wearing his great blue-starred cloak, his black mithril plate armor, and massive adamantium siege gauntlets, which stroked his beard in anticipation for battle. The demons arrived on 11 Anagantios, still almost 30,000 strong, consisting of vrocks, hezrou, nalfeshnee, bebiliths, mariliths, and a single balor at the head. The dwarves arranged themselves in a phalanx and prepared to great the charging demons with a wall of spears, while Woddin firmly braced his feet on the ground. The two forces clashed: dwarves were crushed as demons impaled themselves on the phalanx, creating a line of mangled dwarf and demon bodies. Only the phalanx of dwarves behind Woddin survived; he crushed the head of the first hezrou that charged at him like a rotten orange, and punched the nalfeshnee behind it in half. The dwarves behind Woddin were bewildered by the shower of gore that Woddin would leave in his wake. Inspired by Woddin’s power, the next wave of dwarves climbed over the pile of dead dwarves and demons and fought the next wave of demons with the ferocity that only a drunken, bloodthirsty dwarf can muster. Before long, Woddin was locked in combat with the demons’ balor leader. The balor began by attempting to entangle Woddin with its flaming whip. The burning chain wrapped tightly around Woddin’s armored torso, but he grabbed the chain and pulled the balor in, giving it a headbutt that would have split a city gate. The balor was merely stunned by this, giving Woddin the chance to wrestle the whip out of the balor’s hands and snap it in half. The balor’s wings unfolded and it flew several hundred feet in the air, drew its flaming sword, and made a dive attack at Woddin. He gathered all his strength and jumped at the balor, meeting it with an earth-rending punch in mid-air. The balor was obliterated and exploded in a brilliant fireball.

Once the dwarves saw how much they could accomplish while united under Woddin, they almost unanimously proclaimed him as their ruler, giving him the title of Demon Lord for his unbelievable fighting prowess against the demons. The total dwarven deaths since 17 Rivros, unfortunately, totaled approximately 41,000. In honor of those dwarves that died while reveling in alcohol, every dwarf abstains from drinking on 17 Rivros, and in honor of Woddin’s victory over the demons, every dwarf gets hammer-smashed drunk on 11 Anagantios.

Demons in Vel’Elarathel?

According to some reports, a few demons ventured into Vel’Elarathel, to the east. There are no reports of any attacks, though rumors persist of Vel’Elarathi that made pacts with the visiting demons for power.

Demon Invasion

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